What is Declarative Sentence?

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There are the following types of sentences in English:

  • Declarative
  • Interrogative
  • Exclamatory
  • Imperative

Among these types of sentences, there is one that is probably the most important. The type that we use every day. It is, of course, is the Declarative Sentence.

The Declarative sentence is the most used type of sentence in English. We can talk for hours or write many pages of text using only the Declarative sentence type.

Look at this paragraph of text:

I woke up in the morning and felt lonely again. I live alone, that’s my problem. Although, I love silence. The silence helps me focus on writing my book. Working on my book is the most important thing I have.

These are all the Declarative sentences that make up this little story.

Basically, the main purpose of a declarative sentence is simply to convey information.

For example, when we use a question sentence, we expect to get some kind of answer:

Where have you been?
I was at work.

Are you hungry?
Yes, thank you, I’m very hungry.

When we use an exclamatory sentence we want to express some kind of emotion or get attention:

  • Hey!
  • Unbelievable!

We use the imperative mood to get someone to do something:

Help me wash my car.
Find your sister and bring her home.

Unlike the examples above, a declarative sentence has no definite purpose other than to convey information.

FACT TO KNOW: A declarative sentence does not contain a question or an order, so declarative sentences usually end with a period [.]

List of types of sentences in English.
Types of sentences in English.

Declarative Sentence Formula

To form a declarative sentence, we need two main components:

Subject + Predicate

Look at the examples:

I (subject) will tell (predicate) you a story about my life.

Jessica (subject) marries (predicate) John.

The boy (subject) is jumping (predicate).

Don’t forget that the subject can be:

Simple Subject: He, She, John…

Compound Subject: My friend, Our boys, His dad…

Complete Subject: These boys, police and firefighters, cups and glasses…

He will call you later.

His dad looks so young!

These boys are my friends.

Formula and examples of declarative sentences in English.
Declarative sentence formula.

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