Where To Put Comma In Conditional Sentences?

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The comma in conditional sentences is not just a punctuation mark, it is an important grammatical detail that has a clear place in the sentence.

First, let’s define that any conditional clause consists of two parts.

  1. Condition (If).
  2. Result.

If I didn’t return (condition), people would get suspicious (result).

These parts can go in a different order and the meaning of the conditional sentence does not change because of this.

We choose which part to start the conditional sentence based on which part we want to emphasize.

If I am naughty, someone else is punished.

Someone else is punished if I am naughty.

In order to put the comma correctly, you must remember:

If the condition (if) is AFTER the main part (Result), then we do not put a comma between these two parts at all.

Someone else is punished if I am naughty.

If the condition (if) is at the beginning of the sentence, then we separate the Condition (if) and the Result with a comma.

If I am naughty, someone else is punished.

How we use comma in conditionals, explanations and examples.
Conditionals and commas.

Now go through the exercises to better remember in which cases you need to put a comma in conditional sentences.

Take a look at the next examples and consider why each of them is correct or incorrect. Remember the above rules you’ve read.

Correct: If John calls, tell him the truth!

Incorrect: If it rains run home!

Correct: My stomach hurts if I eat a lot of sweets

Correct: If you buy groceries, I make us a delicious dinner.

Incorrect: You can go for a walk, if your father comes back earlier.

Incorrect: If you water a flower it grows.

Correct: Your eyes hurt if you use the phone for a long time

Correct: If I were him, I’d never forgiven you.

Incorrect: I’d be really upset about all that, if I were in your shoes.

Correct: If I were you, I’d be very nice to my boss.

Correct: If she were here, she’d tell me I look fat in this dress.

Incorrect: I would go abroad, if I were rich.

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